December 6, 2021


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Yesterday they buried the oldest neighbor of the town of Reinoso in Catemu


He was 77 years married:

Last year we shared with our readers that beautiful love story, one in which we made known a married couple from the Reinoso community, in Catemu, who have been living for 78 years matrimonial. We are talking about Don Alfredo Espinosa Espinosa (96) and his faithful companion Olga Orellana Moraga (95). Well, today however we have to report that Don Alfredo Espinosa has passed away, his life gradually died out and he died on Wednesday afternoon.

This time we also want to share with our readers an excerpt from the interview that He was granted to us in 2019 by his wife Olga, when he celebrated his 77th wedding anniversary.

« We were friends since we were at school, we met there. We were growing up and when we were already 16 and 17 years old, they caught us, and they forced us to get married. I was the happiest (…) The children arrived soon, he was always a farmer, and I had nothing left but to raise buses, I had no time for anything else, to raise buses, I had thirteen children, three have already died (…) Our life was hard, we have always loved each other a lot, we did everything we should to never separate, my husband has been loving, very responsible, and now with so many descendants we have time to rest, our children take good care of us, I feel that we have I had a good life and I thank God for so many gifts received, “ indicated Olga at that time. calmer as possible, his now widow Doña Olga, felt his departure and expressed his anguish to the family. The wake of this beloved neighbor was held yesterday in Reinoso de Catemu, a small town of working people. Their funerals were also celebrated yesterday in the afternoon, passing their mortal remains to the Parish Cemetery of the commune in Santa Margarita.

According to the count that this enormous family made to account in this interview, their children report 33 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren. All the managerial, administrative and journalistic staff of Diario El Trabajo join the feeling of Loss of this large Aconcaguian family. Rest in Peace Alfredo Espinosa Espinosa.

Roberto González Short


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